Robin Hood (Theatr Clwyd)

Robin Hood at Theatr Clwyd. Photography by Kirsten Mcternan.

“Connor Going plays protagonist Robin Hood assuredly, striking up a warm and natural rapport with his audience immediately.”

The Reviews Hub, Clare Boswell

The cast displays almost an embarrassment of talent, with note-perfect voices even while dancing and each a master of several instruments.”

Art Scene in Wales, Laura Edwards 

“Going as Robin Hood leads the way extremely well with incredible vocals and great dance moves.”

North West End UK, Damian Riverol


Flintshire's Theatr Clwyd delivers with Robin Hood panto

There are big changes ahead for Mold's Theatr Clwyd but one thing that hasn't changed, is the high quality of its annual rock and roll panto. It even gets the teen vote of approval. That my 14-year-old son and his friend were more than happy to join me, speaks volumes.

This year's tale is family favourite Robin Hood, written by Christian Patterson and directed by Theatr Clwyd's soon-to-be-much-missed artistic director, Tamara Harvey.

Finding our seats, we are already taking in what set we can see, mainly a giant tree. It took the youngest in our trio to spot the glittering 'Robin Hood', cleverly blending in with its surroundings. Well played set designers. Who will find it first on your visit?

The show opens with bubbly, rhyming storyteller Jolly Goodfellow (Chioma Uma), who wears my favourite costume of the night (that skirt is everything. EVERYTHING!).

Then we get our first glimpse of Flintshire Forest, home to Robin and his crew. Having seen many a show at this North Wales venue, an incredible set is no surprise but it remains no less impressive. It's colourful, detailed and a clever space, every inch of which gets worked by the entire cast throughout.

And so it begins.

Pantomime legend Phylip Harries returns as the dame, Lady Myfanwy of Mold (favourite of the night with my young two guests), providing lots of 'one for the grown ups' moments. I may have even blushed once or twice. But not as much as Chris, the unsuspecting audience member who was to play his own role, much to everyone else's amusement. The lady in waiting also pulls off one of the best costume changes of the night, literally.
Robin Hood at Theatr Clwyd. Photography by Kirsten Mcternan.

We meet our hero Robin Hood (Connor Going), and his merry band, Little John (Daniel Lloyd - who is, as ever, at his best in hilarious scenes with Harries), Scarlett (Alice McKenna) and Friar Tuck (Lynwen Haf Roberts). Each bounce off each other naturally, like a true group of long-time friends.

Maid Marion, a much-loved character of mine, is played by Celia Cruwys-Finnigan, who delivers the class of a lady and the sass of a woodland warrior perfectly.

Our baddies, booooo!, are Sheriff (the brilliantly camp, wicked and so very funny Ben Locke - my favourite character of the night), and his downtrodden sidekicks, Clod (Joe Butcher, who also does a great turn as King Gruff) and Snot (Caitlin Lavagna).

The cast as always are exceptional - they act, sing, dance, play musical instruments, and do it all flawlessly, with gusto.

From the get go the song choices in this show are excellent, every one is a crowd-pleasing, singalong banger of a tune, the final song is still on a loop in my head. An incredible lip synching scene was pure genius, and very well done by all involved.

I cannot fault this performance, I loved every single minute (even the soggy ones), not once was there a lull.

While the cast are the stars, and they really do shine, there was one jaw-dropping moment that I cannot let go without credit. I won't spoil it with details but my hat goes off to the lighting team - designer Johanna Town and assistant designer Edward Saunders - who pulled off a spectacular scene I could watch again and again.

People rave about Theatr Clwyd's rock and roll panto, and with good reason. There is real heart to the entire show, from every aspect, even its nods to its location are always well thought out and make you feel like you're a part of something.

This show was amazing, I cannot sing its praises enough. I just don't know how they'll top it but you can bet anything they'll give it a go. Oh yes they will!

The Leader, Claire Pierce